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Pain and Stress Management

Experience Rehab brings together highly regarded health professionals with expertise in the management of pain or stress related conditions.  Research has proven the effectiveness of multi-disciplinary teams in the ability to address biomechanical, occupational and psychological factors that lead to improved resilience and optimal health outcomes.

Using education and understanding to foster self-management, Experience Rehab will tailor a programme to suit the needs of the individual or group. 

Components may include:

  • Education about stress and pain conditions to understand self-management principles.
  • Pacing strategies and activity modification in the workplace and with daily activity.
  • Address fear or anxiety in a safe and effective way.
  • Skills to manage stress more effectively and build resilience.
  • Functional reactivation programme which includes physical strenthening, endurance and conditioning.
  • Relaxation techniques.
  • Effective strategies to communicate about pain and stress.

Experience Rehab’s team provide a combined knowledge base with seamless access to multiple medical professionals, to educate and empower.